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Nvidia Quadro Fx 3500

Nvidia Quadro Fx 35005 Star Rating
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Nvidia Quadro Fx 3500 Is A Wonderful Upgrade Flaunt Just How Much Of A Computer Expert Your Are

Product# 0000435910295. It weighs something like 0.84 lbs. Considering the particular functions with the graphics card you may need, you can rest assured you get what you want and want. There are several brands making electronics, with all those brands supplying different price points. Check into a few brandnames should you not have one particularly which you desire. This can help you obtain an excellent 3D card that you simply value! If you are purchasing a Quadro FX card, consider a guarantee. It needs to include a standard warranty, whether it's thirty days or an full year. Brand new Nvidia Quadro Fx 3500. For more information regarding this Nvidia Quardo FX card, click on our affilate link below.

nvidia quadro high-end graphics solutions industry-leading

On Sale: $39.99
Publisher: IBM
Model: 13M8476
UPC: 000435910295
Qty: 1

NVIDIA Quadro high-end graphics solutions are the industry-leading workstation graphics solutions for CAD, DCC and visualization applications. Next generation vertex and pixel programmability enables real-time shaders to simulate a wide range of physical effects (for example fresnel effects, chromatic dispersion, reflection, refraction, etc. Offering a new degree of interactivity for engineers and designers, NVIDIA Quadro high-end graphics solutions enable shorter production cycles and faster time-to-market. Parallel vertex engines, totally programmable pixel pipelines, and other workstation distinct functions result inside the industrys highest professional application performance and quality. 2GB/sec. memory bandwidth, 256-bit memory interface and assist for ultra high-resolution panels as significantly as 3840x2400 for ultimate productivity. Featuring outstanding performance and quality, NVIDIA Quadro high-end products deliver 256MB frame buffer memory, up to 42.) , and surface properties (such as casting effects, porosity, molded su

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  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 0.84 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 1.8" Length: 9.8" Width: 7"
  • Package Weight: 0.86 lbs.

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